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This is the WESTRALIA.net web portal. Please use the tabs at left to navigate to our cyber-offices.

WESTRALIA.net is a Virtual Nation sharing the same points of geographical reference as that of the State of Western Australia. Being a virtual nation we do not physically exist except in cyberspace and your mind.

President Moses D. Ngoombujarra


WESTRALIA.net Administration operate a pirate government and cabinet, much the same as the pirate radio stations of Western Europe during the 1960s and 70s. The pirate government was formed after successive democratic Western Australian (WA) State governments continued to operate some activities often resulting in injuries and death of innocent citizens, and then dodging responsibility and accountability. We believe as a bunch of rabble-rousing, amateur, buffoons, we will highlight the cover-ups, incompetence, and non-accountability of the State Government in such a fashion to encourage them to act in the best interest of WESTRALIA. Despite being buffoons, be assured most of us are well qualified, either professionally or from unfortunate personal experience. We are responsible individuals who not only identify the failings, but also offer pragmatic solutions to progress this society beyond the less than mediocre values we now suffer. Some say we are cranks or insane. Maybe so, and we like who we are! …But what are these people who sit back while all the shameful public activity continues with their silent approval?



Using World Bank formula, real wealth divided by population, WESTRALIA is the wealthiest society on Earth, by far. We enjoy 12,500 Km of coastline, temperate to tropical climate from South to North, and a vast desert interior. 2,600,000 square Km. That is 1 million square miles. With only around 2 million people, mostly in one city. There exists no reason why this should not be the very peak of contemporary civilisation. It is not. For no reason other than too much degenerate public management. Far too many people have been hurt or killed by horrific public management to believe otherwise. Yet we still have the basis for something very good. ...Something wonderful.


The best places in the world to live with ALL THINGS CONSIDERED are from California to Florida and what is in between, and Western Australia to Queensland and what is in between. Of all this, the land of WESTRALIA has the greatest potential to get society right. We have a small population, reasonable education, and material wealth. We just have to get rid of the dinosaurs managing the public resources. Out with the old ways, in with the new!

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...Dream on, Folks! …Dream, …think, …Do. Help us implement public policy by demonstrating intolerance for inhumane public practices that cause harm to your own fellow citizens. Assist each other. Stop the deceit. Have a solution that you believe will help? WESTRALIA.Net is the vehicle, without any particular political party interest, to place ideas into the public arena for debate, evaluation, and gain support to shift real government policy. We don’t care if the government of the day steal our policies. We want them to.



and see how YOU can be part of the catalyst of change.

WESTRALIA.Net puts the WE back into ‘STRALIA.

DISCLAIMER: Westralia.Net and the people and entities involved accept no responsibility for accuracy or completeness of any material contained in these publications. Additionally, Westralia.Net and people and entities involved or associated in any way disclaim all liability to any person or entity in respect of anything, and of the consequences of anything, done or omitted to be done by any such person or entity in reliance, whether wholly or partially, upon any information, details, inferences presented in these publications. Where did we learn such messages of irresponsibility? From a Real government publication of course!

If You Think A PIRATE GOVERNMENT Is Bad News...
...Wait Until You Suffer At The Hands Of The Real Government !